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Anni Elif - vocals, synthesizers     

Pauli Lyytinen - saxophone, ewi, effects, drum machine     Olavi Louhivuori - drums, spd     

 Joonas Saikkonen - sound 

"Elifantree is enigmatic, unnerving and wonderfully unpredictable and can move from dreamscapes to fever sweats within the same bar."

The ever-evolving trio makes music using the framework of jazz, but usually trek well outside of it. With dazzling vocals, outstanding saxophone playing, pulsating rhythmical textures and a complete devotion to the creative impulses, Elifantree has established itself as one of Finland's most uncompromising bands operating today. And with their use of additional electroacoustic elements they create a sound much larger and wider than the sum of their parts. 

Elifantree has performed widely in Europe and beyond since 2007 and has gained a strong reputation as an energetic, unrestrained and constantly surprising live act that has been compared to works by David Lynch, Charlie Chaplin and Pablo Picasso. Their playful and versatile music is exceedingly articulated and always blessed with the spirit of improvisation. 

Elifantree's latest album HACHI  is an exclusive collaboration and was released in 2021 and received great reviews. 

The double album is the outcome of a massive recording project by Anni Elif, Pauli Lyytinen and sound engineer Joonas Saikkonen featuring eight top drummers [Olavi Louhivuori (FI), Andreas Werliin (SE), Terje Isungset (NO), Lisbeth Diers (DK), Marc Pell (UK), Julian Sartorius (CH), Yuko Oshima (FR), Ryosuke Kiyasu (JP)] in as many countries.  

The previous five critically acclaimed albums: Love & Trees (2010), Time Out (2012), Movers and Shakers (2015),  Anemone (2018) and Blood Moon (2019) are released on the label Eclipse Music. 



"Elifantree, founded by Anni Elif and Pauli Lyytinen in 2007, has profiled itself as an ever-curious explorer of sound and with Hachi they raise the bar even further. (...) Hachi offers fascinating and even devastating experiences with every listen. Constantly new creations that stand out from the crowd - something you know you can expect live as well."

Matti Komulainen, Turun Sanomat (2021)

"The musicians' professionalism is indicated by the fact that Elifantree's most experimental album to date can be so remarkably graceful."

Joni Kling, Soundi (2021)

“The encounter of these seven brilliant musicians is no show off but a concentrated listening experience. Tölöläb's and Elifantree's musical meeting is a successful experiment that brings hope for the future of Finnish art music.” 

Aki Yli-Salomäki, YLE Klassinen (2019)

“Elifantree´s music is perhaps the most unique jazz that is currently being done in Finland. The band has found a whole new world of electronic sounds.”

Katri Kallionpää, HS/ (2018)

"When it comes to quirky stuff that makes its way into my ears, few things have stood out this year as much as Anemone by Finland’s Elifantree."


"9/10" for the album ANEMONE

SAM, (2018)

“If music was more important in music, and not whether someone is a recognizable person, the headlines would be swayed from descriptions of such records.(...) They reminded me what it means to raise pop to the rank of art.

They also reminded me of what it was like to listen to music.” 

 Polifonia/Polityka, Bartek Chaciński (2018)

“Surrounded by lots of new technical equipment, Elifantree still sounds really natural: once you have digested the sound pallet, every piece falls into place - the outcome is exactly how it should be. This band is all about true musicianship and live playing.”

Pentti Ronkanen, Suomijazz (2018)

“Unchained artpop”, “We have a cornucopia on our reach.”

Venla-Vanamo Asikainen, Keksisuomalainen (2018)

"Many artists claim to have a 'unique sound' but Elifantree is one of the rare ones that actually do."

Matti Nives, We Jazz (2017)

"Elifantree! What a glorious, mad, brilliant display! If jazz went mad and invented a new kind of cake, this would be it. I smiled all the way through!"

The Sound and The Fury, UK (2016)

"Emboldened by the  improvisational spirit of rock-jazz, Elifantree are an utter  headspin of a band, particularly that force-of-nature frontwoman - Anni Elif Egecioglu - who whoops and soars and occasionally does a little dance at the keyboards when she remembers."

Si Hawkins, Clash Magazine (2016)

There’s no forgetting Finland’s Elifantree though: ‘Pablo Picasso, Charlie Chaplin and David Lynch,’ says the blurb, and for once it’s barely hyperbolic. With saxophone, synths, shrieking Bjork-like vocals and the best drummer of the weekend the trio move from dreamscape to fever sweats within the same bar, enigmatic and unnerving and wonderfully unpredictable."

God is in the TV webmag, GIITTV Team (2016) 

”With the new album they take a step towards something else - more electronic, still with a jazzy undertone, still with a solid organic foundation of percussion and saxophone and piano, still liberatingly playful, at times lyrically beautiful - but with a new and refreshing edge.”

Patrik Lindgren, GP (2015)

”This album is a triumph for the whole trio.”

Ralf Sandell, HBL (2015)

”Elifantree claims that Movers and Shakers is made out of surrealism, sound experiments, social critic and the inspiration from female poets. Already this description makes you interested yet the music is even more interesting. Elifantree's pop is both clever and infectious.” 

Pentti Ronkkainen, Savon Sanomat (2015)

"The music is sophisticated but not too polished. It’s a bit quirky but however delightful and everything fits right in to its place."

Toni van der San, MTV3 (2012)

“(…)The approach is closer to Deerhoof than to jazz. That Girl and Where’s Your Courage show how fluently the band succeeds to combine unique sounds, catchy pop-elements and unresistable grooves within only one tune."  
Pietari Raekallio, Desibel (2012)

“(…)Their musicianship makes you smile, annoys you, frightens you and touches you – and often all at ones – which is quite an achievement. This suggestive impact bring the toughts to the cubistic and surrealistic works of  Pablo Picasso."

Antti Suvanto, Jazzrytmit (2012)

"'Hachi´ is a fascinating and unique entirety that continues the traditions of Elifantree by boldly combining different musical influences, i.e. contemporary music, free improvisation, electronic music, experimental pop and jazz.

Jukka Piiroinen, Valon Kuvia (2021)

"Record of the Year 2019" - nomination for Blood Moon 

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE (2020)


 One of the best albums 2019

Finnish Music Quarterly (2020)

“By the frontline of tempting visions.”


"5/5" for the album ANEMONE 

Pohjalainen/Ilkka (2018)

“The Finnish trio Elifantree planted a musical fairytale forest in the tower on Wednesday. From immense jazz to mystically playful electronics and back again.” (…) “The sounds seem widly improvised yet clearly are part of a meticulous composition in which every tone hits the target.(...) Elifantree is an ingeniously peculiar band.“

Luca Gasser, Tiroler Tagezeitung (2018)

“Anemone is a real piece of art. The atmospheres, including the cover art, are surrealistically dreamy, surprising and exciting: paranormal. One can sink into the music. One can float and linger on top of it.”

Ilari Tapio, Satakunnan kansa (2018)

“Distinctive, original, obscure. When it comes to Elifantree, it makes you want to emphasize the uniqueness of the band. Their music draws influences from many fields of popular music; from prog to psychedelia and all the way to EDM, but when the stuff is blended through its own creative mill, the result is something new and wonderful.”

Pentti Ronkanen, Keskisuomalainen (2018)

"Anemone" is a very varied album that sounds sophisticated in its connection to the ambient and modern jazz and, given the danceable rhythms and poppy melodies, also shows its accessible side. The voice of the Swedish-Turkish Anni Elif is sensational and completes the exciting concept of these remarkable Finns. My very special recommendation!

Manfred Krug, (2018)

“De tre musikerne har hele tiden en felles idé om hvilken vei musikken skal ta. Og selv om det er mye elektronikk og relativt frie elementer innblandet, så er musikken lyrisk og spennende hele veien. «Anemone» er blitt en av de bedre platene fra denne strålende, finske trioen. I tillegg er produksjonen strålende. (...) En nydelig plate fra elefantene fra de dype skoger!”

Jan Granlie, salt peanuts* (2018)

"With lots of attractive melody, captivating rhythm and beats and total absence of pretension the trio was shinging brightly."

Henning Bolte, London Jazz Magazine (2016)

"Elifantree should be a global cult phenomenon."

Ilari Tapio, Satakunnan Kansa (2015)

”Elifantree has bustled the Finnish experimental music scene for many years, like a colorful spot that bubbles of originality.” 

Juha Seitz, Ilkka (2015)

"Elifantree delivered a concert with a strong driving force that intrigued the audience from the very first moment."  

Vossa Jazz, NO (2012)

"Dipping into improvised punk, pop, ambient and rock textures all wrapped up in a tightly drilled stage show, made for an arresting live experience that proves imagination and sheer bravura showmanship can make the most unlikely of musical marriages soar to emphatic creative highs.”
Mike Flynn, Jazzwise (2011)

”Gig of the Year 2009”

Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise (2010)

“Album of the Year 2010"

Pentti Ronkkainen, Keskisuomalainen (2011)

"The experience is almost gestalt in its extremes of both power and delicacy, something of an aural hallucination.”
Anthony Shaw, All About Jazz (2010)

“This is real sonic fury! The tenor saxophone of mr. Lyytinen and the vocals of Anni Elif Egecioglu are at times outworldly experiences. The communication between the two is outstanding. A fantastic act, the highlight of the festival!”

Antti Suvanto, Jazzrytmit (2010)

“(…)The impact is the same as from a black and white silent comedy by Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Yet Time Out is indeed a very colourful and bubbling series of songs.(...) And beware when Elifantree is let loose on stage!“
Ilari Tapio, Satakunnan Kansa (2012)

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